Job Opening: Soil Biology Program Manager

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We are currently seeking a Soil Biology Program Manager for our 93-acre diversified agricultural estate with a specific responsibility for a 2-acre market garden. This role is designed for an individual deeply passionate and knowledgeable about soil science, compost production, and regenerative agricultural practices. The primary focus of this position will be to enhance soil health through innovative trials, manage our comprehensive composting efforts, and develop protocols for our biology programs including compost tea applications.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Soil Health Trials Design and Management: Lead the design, implementation, and management of soil health trials within areas of the market garden and vineyard. Focus on assessing the impact of regenerative practices on soil health, carbon sequestration, plant health, and nutrient content outcomes
  • Garden Design and Maintenance: Contribute to the development and maintenance of the 1 acre market garden, focusing on perennial plants.
  • Compost Production Leadership: Spearhead the development and management of on-site biocomplete compost production. Ensure the composting processes are efficient, sustainable, and contribute to the overall soil health strategy.
  • Compost Tea and Biology Program Development: Develop and manage protocols for compost tea production and application. Oversee the expansion of the biology program in alignment with regenerative agriculture principles.
  • Research Documentation and Collaboration: Document all trials, methodologies, and results comprehensively. Collaborate closely with our soil consultant, Nick Tomasini, to align efforts and share insights.
  • Team Management and Guidance: Provide guidance and leadership to any supporting team members or volunteers involved in the compost and biology programs. Ensure that all practices adhere to the standards of regenerative agriculture.
Koral Down
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