Can I view my inputs/materials in MyCCOF?

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You can view all inputs/materials associated with your operation, including the approval status and approved on date, in your Material tab in MyCCOF.

  1. Log in to MyCCOF and go to the Materials tab.
  2. You can view your most recently approved materials by clicking the “Approved for client use by CCOF on” column. Click the column header once to sort by oldest date, and again to sort by most recent date.
  3. View your approval status in the column “Client material status”.
  4. Print a current OSP Materials List PDF by clicking the “Approved Material List” button.
  5. You can export an Excel spreadsheet of your material data by clicking the “XLS” button above the table.
  6. Request to remove one or more materials from your operation by clicking the box next to the material(s) in the table, and clicking the button “Remove highlighted materials”.
  7. Search for and request new materials by clicking the “Materials Search” button.

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