Do I need to report all my input materials to CCOF?

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Yes, you are required by USDA organic requirements to report all materials you use, including fertilizers, pest control materials, processing aids, livestock health care materials, and other materials. We have made it easy for you to view the materials we have approved for your operation by listing them on your Organic System Plan (OSP) Materials List.
You can view and print your OSP Materials List from MyCCOF. Within MyCCOF, navigate to the ‘Materials’ tab to view all the products approved for your operation. You may also use this area to remove materials from your list.
Remember to keep your OSP Materials List current and accurate to ensure that the materials you use comply with organic requirements. Use of materials that do not appear on your OSP Materials List may affect your compliance with organic standards and your certification.
Use MyCCOF: Materials Search to find and add materials approved for use in organic production, or to request the review of a material you would like to use. 
We process material update requests as quickly as possible, typically within 7 days of receipt. If you require a faster review, you may consider our Rush Review Program.


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