How can my CCOF Certified Transitional products be labeled?

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Certified transitional products cannot be represented as organic. CCOF has developed a separate logo for transitional products; only CCOF Certified Transitional operations may use this. Product sold as CCOF Certified Transitional must include the statement "CCOF Certified Transitional" on product labeling. An operation may not use “organic” to modify the word “transitional” on a front label, on signage, or on other marketing information.

On the back label of a packaged product, an operation may state that the CCOF Certified Transitional product is enrolled in a certification program under the verification processes of CCOF, and is following organic production practices.

All statements must be accurate, must not imply that the product is organic, and must be responsible in terms of size, color, and font of any use of the word “organic” within the truthful description. Appropriate statements may include “Certified transitional means our farm is pending organic certification and meeting organic production requirements, but has not fully undergone the 36-month land transition period. Transitional operations have achieved at least one year of land transition.”

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