How do I control pests in my facility?

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The National Organic Program (NOP) outlines a specific order of pest control methods in areas where organic products are processed, handled, or stored.

  1. First use preventative measures, such as good sanitation, then mechanical measures, such as mechanical, sticky, or pheromone traps.
  2. If preventative and mechanical measures do not adequately control pests, you may use NOP allowed materials from the National List, including carbon dioxide, nitrogen, Vitamin D3 bait, boric acid, diatomaceous earth, or soap products.
  3. If preventative, mechanical and National List materials are not effective, you may use synthetic pesticides. You must notify CCOF before you use synthetic pest control materials by providing the following information:
  • Product labels for all pest control materials used in organic production or storage areas.
  • A letter of justification from your pest control company for its use explaining why you are unable to use National List materials.

All pest control plans and materials must be approved by CCOF before implementation. Pest control records should be onsite and available for inspection. There are no NOP restrictions on the use of synthetic materials outside your facility or in non-organic production areas. Once approved by CCOF, the material should be added to your Organic System Plan (OSP).

Use MyCCOF: Materials Search to find and add materials approved for use in organic production or to request the review of a material you would like to use.

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