Action Item Tracker - What is it and how do I use it?

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About Action Item Tracker

Action Item Tracker is the MyCCOF companion tool to your Compliance Report. Use Action Item Tracker to respond to individual action items and requests from certification staff (also found on your Compliance Report) straight through MyCCOF.

Each client responsibility request is listed within Action Item Tracker, with details available for you to view by clicking on the action item. You can add communication and attach documents directly to the requests. 

Once you reply and submit responses to CCOF, you'll receive an automated notification letting you know we've received your response. If you don't receive the email, double check you set all of your responses Ready to send, and clicked the Submit responses button on the main page.

How to Use Action Item Tracker in MyCCOF

  1. Go to the “Action Item Tracker” tab in MyCCOF.
  2. Click on one of your “Client Responsibility” Action Items.
  3. Add communication and/or documents.
  4. Click "Mark complete" if you're ready to submit to CCOF, otherwise "Save for later". You're not done, you haven't sent the response to CCOF!
  5. Once you’ve addressed all your action items, click “Submit complete responses” to notify CCOF.


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For more help, read this instruction document for using Action Item Tracker.