I am not an organic operation

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Retail Organic Certification Application

Organic certification application for retail stores seeking organic certification for their entire store or individual departments.

Download your application packet and email completed forms to inbox@ccof.org:

Solicitud de Certificación de CCOF

La cubierta para su solicitud, con datos de contacto para su empresa y un contrato confirmando su intención de obtener certificación con CCOF.

CCOF Certification Services Application

Solicitud de Certificación para Agricultores/Productores Orgánicos

Solicitud de certificación para agricultores/productores orgánicos, incluyendo invernaderos, productores de transplantes, y cualquier otro tipo de producción de cosechas. Además, información adicional sobre el proceso de obtener certificación, las tarifas, y los estándares orgánicos.

Organic Grower/Farm Certification Application

Solicitud de Certificación para Procesadores Orgánicos

Certificación orgánica para procesadores de alimentos y cualquiera otra operación que físicamente maneja o procesa producto orgánico. Incluye compañías que proporcionan servicios de procesamiento/manejo, como enlatar, producción de vino, etc.

Organic Processor Certification Application

Solicitud del Programa de Cumplimiento de México

Inscríbase en el Programa de Cumplimiento de México si su operación se encuentra en México o exporta productos orgánicos a México.

Mexico Compliance Program Application

The CCOF Compliance Report

The CCOF Compliance Report will help you stay organized and keep your operation in compliance. This custom report will give you an immediate understanding of your operation’s current state of compliance, from recently-closed major issue action items to pending items that need to be addressed.

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Uncertified Handler Affidavit

This form applies to uncertified storage facilities used by CCOF operations to store unsealed product or product in permeable packaging. It also applies to uncertified brokers, traders, wholesalers, or distributors that provide organic products to CCOF certified operations. It is not required for uncertified handlers supplying organic product in sealed, impermeable containers with final retail labeling that identifies the organic status and original certified producer.

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Understanding Organic Labels and the Top 10 Reasons to Buy Organic

A helpful graphic that shows what the different labels in organic mean, as well as the top 10 reasons why you should be buying organic!

Can I export my product to Switzerland?

Yes! The US and Switzerland have an organic standards equivalence arrangement that allows product produced in either location to be labeled and sold as organic in either country. Enroll in the CCOF Global Market Access program for the US/Swiss equivalence to have your products and labels reviewed and verified as meeting the equivalence requirements.

Can I get my commercial kitchen certified for others to use for organic production?

No, it doesn't help others and isn't required in order for someone else to make organic products in your commercial kitchen. Shared kitchens cannot be certified separately from the product produced in them. Facilities, including shared kitchens, are part of the process of making the products, so the people who use your kitchen must include the kitchen as the production facility in their own certification application, as if it were their own factory.


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