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Which crops require a 120 day pre-harvest interval when manure is applied?

Crops intended for human consumption and whose edible portion has direct contact with the soil surface or soil particles require a 120 day pre-harvest interval (PHI). A 90 day PHI is required for those crops whose edible portion does not come in contact with soil particles (i.e. orchard fruit). How the crop is grown and harvested with regards to soil contact will determine which pre-harvest interval is to be used.

Who needs to register with the California State Organic Program (SOP)?

The following individuals and businesses operating in the state of California must annually register with the State Organic Program:

Why do I need an organic inspection?

Organic inspections confirm that your operation meets the NOP standards and regulations both before you are certified and every year after for as long as you remain certified. Inspectors do this by confirming that what you say in your application, called an Organic System Plan (OSP), is what you are doing in practice. A CCOF-qualified inspector will conduct the inspection in an efficient manner and will file an inspection report with CCOF.

Why is CCOF offering food safety certification at all?

Many farmers and processors are already being asked to be certified to one of the existing third party food safety standards by retail buyers like Costco or Walmart. We anticipate that the implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) rules will mean more companies will be pursuing food safety assessment and/or certification. Even if law does not require it, assessment and/or certification may be required in order for farmers and processors to be able to sell their product!

Why should I be certified with CCOF?

There are dozens of reasons to choose CCOF for your organic certification. Learn why CCOF should be your choice for certification or browse our website for more information.

Why should I enroll my operation in the CCOF Certified Transitional program?

Becoming familiar with the organic regulations and the certification process can be challenging and stressful. Enrolling with CCOF as you work your land through transition can give you peace of mind, knowing that your practices are already verified as compliant with the organic regulations. When your land is finally eligible to become certified organic, you will be better prepared to complete the certification process, and can rest assured knowing that your crops are ready for market.

Why would I want GLOBALG.A.P. certification from CCOF?

Because your buyer requires you to have GFSI-benchmarked food safety certification for some or all of your organic crops. CCOF is one of the most trusted names in certification, with over 40 years of commitment to the organic farming community. We seek to provide a cost effective program that will allow organic farmers to succeed as food safety certification becomes increasingly required by the marketplace. Learn more about CCOF's food safety services by reading the Food Safety Services for Organic Farms flyer.

¿Cuánto cuesta la certificación con CCOF?

Se tasa la certificación de CCOF para proporcionarle valor superior y para facilitar acceso al mercado orgánico para nuevos productores, procesadores, y otras empresas. Los costos incluyen una cuota anual y el costo de la inspección anual. También hay una cuota no re-rembolsable de una vez, cuando se presenta la solicitud.

¿Cuánto tiempo dura el proceso de certificación?

Típicamente certificación requiere seis a 10 semanas; menos para casos especiales. Generalmente recomendamos que empiece con el proceso al menos 90 días antes de cosecha o el lanzamiento de su línea de productos orgánicos.

La duración depende en varios factores:

¿Por qué certificarse con CCOF?

CCOF ha sido un líder en el mercado orgánico desde 1973 y ha participado en el desarrollo del proceso de certificación y los estándares orgánicos. Consumidores y compradores han tenido confianza en el nombre y sello de CCOF por más de 40 años.


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