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CCOF's OSP Walk-Through Service

Use to register for CCOF's OSP Walk-Through Service, a comprehensive and complete overview of certification for your staff. CCOF provides time to meet with our staff and learn how to use our systems to improve your user experience.

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Certification Tips for Growers and Handlers

Helpful tips for growers and handlers starting out in organic certification.

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Certification Transfer Form

If you are currently certified with a certification agency other than CCOF, and would like to be certified with us, please submit this form to CCOF.

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Client Compliance Agreement

CCOF clients may use this form to indicate agreement to comply with the requirements for organic certification.

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Co-Packer Application - Canada

ONLY FOR OPERATIONS LOCATED IN CANADA. List the private label products you process for non-CCOF certified brand owners. Attach certified private label owner certificates to this form. Complete one form for each different non-CCOF certified brand owner you process for.

Complaint Form

This complaint form may be used to file a complaint or submit an allegation against a CCOF member for violations of USDA/NOP and or CCOF Global Market Access program standards. If you feel that you have witnessed, or have evidence that a CCOF client is engaged in the application of a prohibited material, misleading or fraudulent labeling, commingling of conventional and organic product, or other violations of the standards, please fill out this form.

Conozca a CCOF

Un folleto útil sobre CCOF. ¡Incluye un breve crónica y nuestros principios orgánicos!

About CCOF

Contract Partner Program Application

Use this form if you supply to only one CCOF certified operation, and that operation has agreed to pay your fees and receive your correspondence. This form should not be used by operations with more than one buyer, or with a buyer that is not CCOF certified.

COR Compliance Program Manual

For the Certification of Operations Located in Canada to the Canadian Organic Regime (COR). This manual describes the Canadian Organic Regime (COR) standards. Only operations located in Canada can apply for COR certification.

COR Storage Facility Affidavit

ONLY FOR OPERATIONS LOCATED IN CANADA. If you use uncertified off-site facilities to store organic ingredients or products in unsealed or permeable packaging, ask the storage facility to complete this affidavit to verify organic handling practices so that CCOF can waive the requirement of an annual inspection. Submit one form for each facility and request an updated affidavit annually.


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