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Handler Materials Application (OSP Materials List)

Describe all nonagricultural materials, including ingredients, processing aids, sanitizers, no rinse detergents/cleaners, and Pest Control materials that are used in organic production. Update either this form or your Organic System Plan Materials List when you would like to use a new material.

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Informe de Cumplimiento de CCOF

El Informe de Cumplimiento de CCOF le ayudará a mantenerse organizado y mantener su operación en cumplimiento. Este informe personalizado le dará un entendimiento inmediato del estatus del cumplimiento de su operación, desde los asuntos de acción importantes que han sido recientemente cerrados hasta los asuntos pendientes que requieren atención.

Inspection Prep Checklists

Prepare for your inspection by reviewing the appropriate pre-inspection letter below that applies to your operation.

International Market Labeling Guide

CCOF has developed this helpful guide to explain the requirements for labels on organic products sold in Canada, the EU, Japan, Korea, and Mexico. All products being shipped to these markets under a U.S. Organic Equivalency Arrangement must meet the labeling requirements of the destination market. Please submit all labels to CCOF for approval prior to printing.

International Standard Program Application - Handler

Enroll in the International Standard Program ONLY if you export organic products to the EU or Switzerland from outside the USA. 

International Standard Program Manual

This manual describes the CCOF International Standard program and standards. The program is for operations outside the US shipping to the European Union or Switzerland directly. To apply for this program please complete the International Standard Program Application for Grower or Handler.

Japan (TM-11) Export Certificate Request Packet

Once you know you will be shipping to Japan, complete these fillable PDF forms and send the entire PDF packet to

Enrollment in CCOF's Global Market Access Program for Japan Export is required.

JAS Seal Consignment Contract

If you ship product to Japan you and your importer can sign this contract, giving you the ability to attach your importer’s JAS seal on product you export to them. Follow all instructions for the consignment and complete the training for attaching JAS seals.

Korea NAQS Export Certificate Request Packet

Once you know you will be shipping to Korea, complete these fillable PDF forms and send the entire PDF packet to

Korean Organic Logo and Labeling Information

This document was released by the Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (MAFRA) as the regulation for the use and management of the Korean Organic Logo.


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