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Manual de CCOF del Programa de Servicios de Certificacion

Este manual describe sus derechos y responsabilidades como una empresa certificada, procedimientos debido proceso, los costos de certificación, procedimientos de certificación, y como mantener la certificación.

CCOF Certification Services Program Manual

Manual del Programa de Cumplimiento de México

Este manual describe los estándares que aplica a operaciones ingresando al Programa de Cumplimiento de México de CCOF. El programa es para operaciones en México y exportando productos orgánicos a México.

Mexico Compliance Program Manual

Material Review Request

For CCOF clients to request CCOF review of materials (fertilizers/pesticides) that do not appear on the OMRI or WSDA allowed material lists.

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Mediation Request Form and Instructions

An operation may request mediation concerning a notification of Denial of Certification, Proposed Suspension, or Proposed Revocation directly to CCOF in writing. CCOF may accept or deny the request for mediation and will communicate the decision to accept or deny in writing. The goal of mediation is to enter into a Settlement Agreement.

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Mexico Compliance Program Application

Enroll in the Mexico Compliance Program if your operation is located in Mexico or exports organic products to Mexico.

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MyCCOF Online Certification Management

MyCCOF provides the online tools that make certification simpler for you. Use MyCCOF to easily manage certification, track suppliers, and search and add materials for use in organic production.

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Natural Flavor Affidavit

Use this affidavit for any nonorganic flavor you would like to use in your certified organic products. Please forward this affidavit to your flavor manufacturer as they must fill out and sign the form.

Nonorganic Processing Material Affidavit

Used by CCOF clients and manufacturers to document GMO, irradiation, and sewage sludge compliance for nonorganic materials (ingredients, processing aids, additives, etc.)


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