Organic Certification Fees

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Service-Oriented Certification at Competitive Prices

CCOF supports the growth of organic by providing service-oriented organic certification with highly-trained staff who can answer your questions, online tools to manage your certification, and resources to grow your business. 

Our competitively priced certification services for small and large operations will meet your business needs. In addition to organic certification, we offer international market verification and expedited certification services.

Many small farms can be certified for approximately $750 the first year and between $375 and $575 in later years. Small organic food processors are routinely certified for about $1,250 in the first year and approximately $950 in later years. Mid- and large-size operations receive competitive fees.

Looking for a quote on fee packages? Contact CCOF at or (831) 423-2263, ext. 1.

How Much Does it Cost?

All of the fees listed on this page are in USD. Operations in Mexico may consult to determine the current exchange rate.

Your total cost of certification in the first year will come from three main fees:

  1. Application Fee: A onetime $350 fee, paid when you apply.
  2. Annual Inspection Fee: Inspection costs vary annually because they are billed hourly and include travel costs. An inspection cost estimate is included in all first-year fee estimates, which you will receive when your application is accepted. The majority of CCOF inspections cost less than $550. See the CCOF Certification Services Program Manual for current hourly inspection fees.
  3. Annual Certification Fee: This fee is based on the Organic Production Value (OPV) of your CCOF certified operation. Review the table below to determine your annual fee. Farm and livestock operations should deduct the cost of certified organic seed and/or feed from organic sales to arrive at their fee category. Processors and handlers should deduct the cost of certified organic ingredients and/or products from organic sales to arrive at their fee category. This ensures that you only pay for the cost of certifying your value-added process, not the value of the ingredients for which certification has already been paid. See our annual fee estimator.

Our accounting department is also happy to work with you to create a payment plan, as needed.

CCOF offers additional services, including international standards verification or certification for the EU, UK, Switzerland, Japan, Korea and Taiwan; certification of additional processing facilities; midyear additions of acreage or processed products; and completion of export documents. More information about additional fees can be found in the CCOF Certification Services Program Manual.

Expedited & Rush Services

In a hurry? CCOF offers an Expedited Certification program and Rush Review of new products, labels, and materials for operations that are capable of compliance but are short on time.

Expedited Fees: 

  • New certification applicants and annual inspections (with or without new land, facilities, etc.); includes application fee: $2,525
  • Addition of a new facility to your existing certification; includes facility fee: $2,000
  • New acreage at a CCOF-certified farming operation: $1,300

Rush Fees:

  • 2 business days: $400 per item
  • 5 business days: $200 per item


Annual Certification Fee Estimator

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