Why Choose CCOF?

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An Original in the Organic Movement

As an original in the organic movement, CCOF has been a critical player in the development of certification processes and organic standards. The CCOF name and seal has been trusted as the mark of organic integrity by consumers and buyers worldwide since 1973.

Premier Certification System

CCOF's certification system and team are second to none. We have highly trained staff in all areas of certification to meet the specialized needs of all types and sizes of operations. When clients have questions, they can easily connect to someone who will provide clear and thorough information and decisions.

Online Certification Tools

Depending on your business needs, CCOF has online tools that make certification simpler. MyCCOF: Online Certification Tool provides easy access to monitor your certification and renewals, access key documents, and track the inspection and certification process. MyCCOF: Supplier Management enables you to track all of your CCOF-certified suppliers in one place.

Client Services and Benefits

CCOF stands out in the field of certification through our many client services and benefits:

  • Excellent service throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Plus, Canada Organic Regime (COR), & ISO 65 accreditation to ensure international market acceptance.
  • Competitive pricing and funding information.
  • Expedited Certification and Rush Review services to meet your deadlines and provide timely service.
  • Food Safety Services to ensure your operation reaches Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) food safety benchmarks. 
  • Easy-to-understand forms that guide you through the certification process.
  • Member communications to keep you informed of important standards changes and industry news.
  • Advocacy at the NOP and NOSB provides an effective voice for our members to influence regulation and rule making.
  • Member promotion locally, nationally, and internationally through our print and online directoriesCertified Organic magazine, and at events.
  • A wide range off benefits, including political advocacyeducation programs, and more. We support the marketplace you depend on by providing educational services and expanding support and acceptance of organic foods and agriculture.

Diverse Client Base

CCOF serves clients throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. We certify the entire range of organic operations – large and small – including food processors, farms, livestock operations, retail stores, and personal care products.