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Meet Benjamin Meeks & Get Involved in the Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund

Although Benjamin Meeks was born in Kenya, he grew up on a 35-acre farm in rural Appalachia.  As far back as Meeks can remember, he’s had a passion for farming and nature. The plants and animals on his family’s small farm in the Appalachian mountains were his backyard and the world he called home. 

Meet Blake Lineweaver & Get Involved with the Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund

Blake Lineweaver
Blake Lineweaver is currently a senior in agronomy and international agriculture at Iowa State University and is pursuing a career in sustainable, nonprofit-oriented production agriculture.

Meet Brenda Lopez: A CCOF Foundation Future Organic Farmer

Brenda Lopez

My Supervised Agricultural Experience plan is to raise organic laying hens for egg production. My plan is to only feed the chicks organic feed so they can be 100% organic instead of the typical non-organic corn-based fed hen. They will be raised in a healthy and hopefully predator-free environment to ensure they produce excellent quality eggs. They will not be given any type of antibiotics to "increase" the grading quality of the eggs or their production, because my main focus is to sell an organic product.

Meet Brendan Fatzinger: A CCOF Foundation Future Organic Farmer

Brendan Fatzinger is a Georgia native and is pursuing a B.S. in horticulture with a certificate in organic agriculture at the University of Georgia’s College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences. Growing food has long been a fascination of his, and doing so in a responsible and sustainable manner is very important to him. Fatzinger’s career focus is to one day help further research in fruit and vegetable breeding with an emphasis on traits favored by organic growers.

Congratulations Brendan!

Meet Brett Sutton & Get Involved with the Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund

Brett Sutton
Brett Sutton and his partner have a goal of creating a market farm and catering business within the cooperative local food movement. This is Sutton’s second season of formal farming, and each year his knowledge and ambition has grown. He is committed to a career in local organic agriculture and fostering connections among farmers, chefs, bakers, brewers, fermenters, groceries, restaurants, and food banks. Sutton is passionate about food, the ecology that supports food systems, and building a more vibrant regional food culture.

Meet Brian Robbins & Get Involved with the Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund

Brian Robbins is an intern at Fiddlehead Farm in Corbett, Oregon through Rogue Farm Corps. He is thrilled to have the opportunity to train on a diversified, organic mixed veggie farm while concurrently participating in sustainable agriculture seminar classes to bolster his experiential learning. Before starting his term with Rogue Farm Corps, Robbins worked as a farm-based educator at Slide Ranch, an organic farm and nature preserve in Muir Beach, California.

Meet Casey Madson, a 2020 Anheuser-Busch and CCOF Organic Transition Grantee!

As part of a broader effort to increase organic farming, CCOF has partnered with Anheuser-Busch and their Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold Contract for Change program to provide financial support for farmers during the critical phase of transitioning to organic. Are you interested in transitioning your farm to organic? Apply by November 27 for your own $5,000 grant to help you make the transition.

Meet Celsa Ortega & Get Involved with the Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund

Celsa Ortega
My name is Celsa Ortega and I am 32 years old. I am from the state of Oaxaca in Mexico. Growing up in the mountain ranges with my grandparents, we harvested a ‘milpa’ and I quickly grew fond of my grandparents love and dedication for agriculture. I now have four children, three boys and one girl ranging from 13 to five years old. My family and I arrived in the Salinas Valley in 2006, and we have since been field workers. I enjoyed working in Greenfield, CA harvesting cilantro by contract. This job provided well for my family with the high pay and hours that I was able to achieve.


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