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Crop in the Ground? Submit Your “Add Acreage” Early for Best Results!

Many CCOF operations submit add acreage information to CCOF immediately prior to harvest or during inspection. It’s never too early to add organically farmed land to your certification. Submitting new acreage early, for instance as soon as you start managing the parcel or plant a crop, can significantly reduce your costs and give you piece of mind.

Document Scanning Gives You Better Access

CCOF is scanning all client files and eliminating our use of paper records. Our client files equate to a length of more than two football fields and almost three quarters of a million pages! The move to electronic files will present challenges for CCOF and our inspectors but will significantly reduce our use of paper and provide new opportunities for better service. We began scanning and uploading all incoming letters and OSP updates from clients in early May.

Export News: U.S. - Korea Equivalency Arrangement Finalized

As of July 1, 2014 organic processed products certified in the United States or Korea can now be exported and labeled as organic in either country. CCOF is excited that this agreement came before the end of the Korean standard’s education period, meaning there was no significant stop in trade between the two countries. CCOF commends the National Organic Program (NOP) for its diligent work in finalizing this agreement in such a short period of time, and with few critical variances.

Extended Services Program Update

CCOF now offers extended services to any client who chooses to enroll in the Extended Services Program. We offer a suite of additional services designed to meet the needs of the large companies, smaller companies with very active organic programs, and others that require more individualized service.

Huge Changes to EU Equivalency and CCOF International Programs

CCOF EU Standards and GMA Program Webinar: April 19, 2012. Learn about the new agreement, market opportunities, how to save time and money within the GMA program, and the EU market in this helpful webinar.

IMPORTANT: New Legal Language in Manual One

Please be aware that effective March 5, 2012, CCOF has modified “CCOF Manual One: A Guide to CCOF Certification” to more clearly define “clients” and provide additional indemnification and limitation of liability clauses. We have also slightly modified the existing section 4.9 Complaint, Investigation, and Adverse Action Fees to include “any contested action” in the costs that clients, applicants, and others are responsible for should CCOF prevail in mediation, dispute, proceeding, or other contested action.

Improvements to Spanish Language Resources

We are proud to announce major strides in improving CCOF's Spanish services. CCOF is the only certifier in the United States offering a fully bilingual service built to meet the needs of Spanish-speakers.

In the last year CCOF has worked hard to translate many flyers, our entire MyCCOF tool, and key certification tools, including the OSP Materials List and Compliance Report. In the coming months we expect to improve our website in important ways to support Spanish-speakers as well.


Improving Materials Tracking and MyCCOF

Over the last year, CCOF has created computerized records for all inputs used by our clients. These records allow us to improve organization and streamline material reviews. During this process, CCOF developed an internal materials list that combines all internal CCOF material reviews as well as both the OMRI and WSDA lists. As files have been reviewed during this time, CCOF added each client's inputs to their operation's database record. In the coming months, CCOF will provide access to the "inputs tab" in each client's MyCCOF portal.

Launching System Improvements

CCOF Certification Services has been working hard throughout 2015 to evolve our systems. We’re excited to announce the planned launch of a variety of internal system improvements and new tools for our clients during 2016. Look for more details about these various improvements in subsequent magazines and newsletters.

Long Live the Materials Evolution

Improvements for Materials Tracking and Approvals Continue: We have heard loud and clear that one of our clients’ biggest frustrations with the certification process is the paperwork surrounding input materials approval. In response, CCOF has been undergoing a materials evolution focused on making the process more efficient and less burdensome. We hope that you will find these changes to be positive, and welcome your feedback at any time!


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