Triple the Phone Service

On January 28, CCOF Certification Services achieved a huge milestone by tripling our front line phone service. As we’ve reported previously and talked about in the CCOF blog, CCOF has digitized about 1 million pages of our client files. This means that we are no longer making copies of files for inspectors and your OSP is available in real-time online.

The Full-Time Service Model and Certification Service Specialists

Have a question about certification? Want to know who to call? Want a dedicated contact at CCOF? We have good news for you.

Certification Help Now Available for Processor/Handlers

CCOF has produced an Organic Handler Certification Support Packet to help processors and handlers understand certification issues, record keeping, and other requirements. These forms are adaptable for your specific situation and can be copied and included as part of your Organic System Plan or used throughout the year.

The Handler Certification Support Packet contains

Cold Copiers and Hot Phones!

It's a New Year!

Our first CCOF staff meeting of the new year began with sharing personal resolutions and words of wisdom with each other. Our vows to get in better shape, be more present, and take on new challenges match well with CCOF’s organizational goals:

Extended Services Program Update

CCOF now offers extended services to any client who chooses to enroll in the Extended Services Program. We offer a suite of additional services designed to meet the needs of the large companies, smaller companies with very active organic programs, and others that require more individualized service.

Innovative Approaches to Organic Certification

From livestock to residues, unannounced inspections, and materials, CCOF is always trying to stay ahead of the curve.

New Client Compliance Agreement: Fix Problems at Inspection!

One of the most common sources of frustration for certified operations is being issued Notices of Noncompliance for minor paperwork issues, such as using an OMRI-listed material without first having written approval from CCOF. Our staff is committed to finding ways to work better with clients to prevent such problems and reduce the paper chase postinspection. A new idea that we are introducing is the CCOF Client Compliance Agreement.

Tracking Inbox Items Online and Rush Service

Did you know that every time you send an update or request to CCOF, we create an inbox item, assign it a due date, and track how quickly it’s completed? Even better, did you know that you can follow this process online? The MyCCOF “Action Items” tab shows you “Cert Staff Responsibility” inbox items and can show you if they’re in process, who is working on them, and when they’re due to be completed. Many clients are already using this system to monitor their submissions and review outgoing action items, such as letters that require a response by a particular due date.


Document Scanning Gives You Better Access

CCOF is scanning all client files and eliminating our use of paper records. Our client files equate to a length of more than two football fields and almost three quarters of a million pages! The move to electronic files will present challenges for CCOF and our inspectors but will significantly reduce our use of paper and provide new opportunities for better service. We began scanning and uploading all incoming letters and OSP updates from clients in early May.


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