CCOF Foundation

Meet Anthony Garcia, a 2020 and 2021 Future Organic Farmers Grantee

Anthony Garcia believes community is the centerpiece to creating a vibrant, productive, and inclusive food system. That’s why he has embarked on an educational journey to learn a multifaceted and practical way of farming. Garcia first studied agricultural economics at Cornell and then decided he also wanted hands-on experiences to diversify his skill set. Beginning as an intern on a 5-acre organic farm, he has continued to expand his knowledge and educational goals to become a skilled and effective organic farmer–educator.

Meet Brady Kazmier, a 2020 Future Organic Farmers Grantee

Interested in getting involved in organic agriculture? Brady Kazmier, Future Organic Farmers grantee, urges, “Do it. Dive in and don’t look back. Education in organic agriculture is extremely extensive, and the possibilities are near endless. The amount of good you can do is astonishing. We can bring upon a revolution to be better to our planet through organic agriculture.” And that is exactly what Kazmier intends to do.

Forager Project, CCOF Foundation’s Newest Champion

Stephen Williamson, co-Founder of Forager Project, recently spoke with Michelle Courtright, agriculture and food writer based out of Austin, Texas. In the interview with Courtright, Williamson says, “I think people should embrace the idea that they might want to really think about where their food comes from, how it’s made, and who are the people behind it.” We couldn’t agree more!

Tanimura & Antle Acquires Green City Growers

CCOF Foundation supporter Tanimura & Antle recently announced the exciting acquisition of Green City Growers, a Certified B Corp corporation aimed at providing customers with the tools, infrastructure, and education necessary to grow organic produce at home. Despite the geographic distance between the two companies’ headquarters in Salinas, California and Boston, Massachusetts, Tanimura & Antle and Green City Growers couldn’t be closer in their shared values.

Sunview Featured in The Last Harvest: The Yemenis of San Joaquin

Like many in the CCOF-certified farming community, Sunview Vineyards is a multigenerational, family-run operation. As a longtime supporter of the CCOF Foundation, Sunview is committed to reinvesting resources into future organic producers. Sunview’s founder, Marko Zaninovich, emigrated from Yugoslavia to the United States and began Sunview Vineyards. Over the years, many of Sunview’s farm professionals have come from Mexico, but a small portion came from Yemen, fleeing political turmoil in their homeland.