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What types of information should I send to CCOF?

This list details the most common situations that require you to send information or documentation to CCOF, and what type of information you'll need to send. Read through this list and contact your Certification Service Specialist with additional questions. 
I want to change something in my Organic System Plan (OSP), what should I send?
Update your OSP forms and send them to CCOF for review and approval.  Your current OSP is always visible on MyCCOF,

When should I update my Organic System Plan (OSP)?

Any time you are considering a change to your organic production, you must update your Organic System Plan before making any changes and submit the update to for review. Updating your OSP before making changes helps your operation avoid a Notice of Noncompliance and possible suspension of your certification. This includes changes to the following:

Where can I find CCOF forms for Handlers?

All CCOF forms and documents can be found on our Forms & Documents page. Search for the form by name or review the topic list in the sidebar. Ensure that you have selected the form for the correct location, language, and operation type. Some CCOF forms are specific to operations in Canada or are available in Spanish. Forms may be available in PDF, Word, or Excel format.

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