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Annual Renewal Contract

To remain in the CCOF CS (CCOF) organic certification program, complete and submit this contract AND pay your invoice by January 1.

Step 1: Request Renewal
I am paying my invoice or have contacted CCOF to either adjust my renewal fees or arrange for a payment plan. You will have an opportunity to pay your renewal after you submit your contract.
By checking this box I am notifying CCOF of my intent to withdraw completely from the entire certification program and surrender my certification. Operations surrendering certification after February 15, you are responsible for all accrued certification fees and fees for services incurred after January 1.

Continuation Details:

Surrender request dates cannot be in the past. A surrender request date is either the date we receive your surrender request or a date in the future. For surrender request dates in the future, your certification continues until the effective date, and you are responsible for full compliance including inspection and fees while certified. 

Update Details:

Step 2: OSP Update Information
The OSP for my operation is accurate to the best of my ability to anticipate changes for the coming year.
Please do not wait until inspection to submit changes to your OSP. New parcel and facility applications must be submitted to CCOF and reviewed before the new parcel or facility can be inspected. Blank OSP forms are available at, or by contacting CCOF at (831) 423-2263.

Contact Info:

CCOF Add On Certifications:
I am interested in obtaining additional information about these program(s).
The National Organic Program (NOP) section 205.406 (a) requires that a certified operation must pay certification fees annually and submit any changes, amendments, additions, or deletions as applicable to the Organic System Plan. Your OSP must be updated to reflect any additions or deletions to your organic production practices for the coming year. If this contract is submitted and no updates are indicated CCOF will assume that no changes have occurred to your production practices and your OSP remains accurate.