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Kern County

All CCOF certified clients automatically become members when they get certified. Members belong to one of 14 chapters based on their geographic region. All CCOF certified processors belong to a single chapter regardless of location.

About the Chapter

Kern County cradles the south end of the central valley, aka California’s fruit and nut basket; it stretches from the high Sierras to the coastal ranges with a broad swath of fertile land in between. Kern County was identified as the 4th most agriculturally productive county in the United States in USDA’s 2022 Census of Agriculture.

The local organic farms range from large operations to mom and pop shops and home-on-the-range outfits. The region is a hotbed for carrots, potatoes, grapes, and much more. Most of the chapter members have been practicing organic farming for decades and are proud of it. The chapter welcomes new members.


Chapter Counties

Kern County

Chapter Contact

Malcolm Ricci

661-366-7209, ext. 1528