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2017: National Organic Coalition Issues Action Alert to Save Organic Cost Share

by Peter Nell |

The National Organic Coalition (NOC) issued an action alert calling on organic advocates to urge their elected officials to support the National Organic Certification Cost Share Program (Cost Share) and the Agricultural Management Assistance Act (AMA). 

CCOF highly encourages the organic community to rally in support of Cost Share and to follow the steps outlined in NOC’s action alert

Cost Share is one of the few federal assistance programs that offers specific support to organic producers. The program provides organic producers with a reimbursement of up to $750 of their annual certification fees. The reimbursement can be critical for small-scale producers to help offset the cost of their annual organic certification. Operations in California are also eligible for a refund of California State Organic Program registration fees through the program. 

Learn more about Cost Share on our website. For questions regarding NOC’s action alert, please contact NOC.