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AgroThrive Completes Get-One-Give-One Fundraising Campaign for CCOF Foundation

by Shawna Rodgers |

Utilizing the power of their home gardener community, AgroThrive recently ran a “Get One, Give One” fundraising campaign on behalf of the CCOF Foundation. For each gallon of AgroThrive purchased online during the fundraiser, AgroThrive committed to donating a gallon to CCOF Foundation farmers enrolled in our Organic Transition Program (OTP). The end result: 446 gallons of organic-approved, liquid fertilizer for farmers enrolled in the OTP in the greater Monterey and Santa Cruz counties.

The CCOF Foundation is a national leader in designing and implementing private and public organic transition programs. Our programs are developed to meet the needs of organic producers.

CCOF’s OTP addresses barriers that prevent farmers from transitioning to organic. Our program provides $10,000 per year for three years together with 1:1 technical assistance, farmer mentors, like-minded community, organic supply chain support, and access to resources throughout the transition period. Since 2014, CCOF has granted $815,000 to famers in transition to organic and supported the transition of over 100,000 acres to organic. We could not have done this without the partnership of all our supporters, including AgroThrive.

This campaign was supported by Instagram Influencers @tonygrowsfood and @zachwortiska, who promoted the campaign through their stories.

For questions about our OTP, please contact the CCOF Foundation at or donate today to support our efforts to create a world where organic is the norm.

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