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Be Ready To Sell Your Organic Crops

by Jen Rojas |

Certified organic farms work hard, from planting through harvest, to produce organic crops. With so much invested throughout the growing season, take the time early in the crop cycle to make sure your farm is ready to sell your crops to an organic buyer when harvest time comes. Please send us any updates to your Organic System Plan (OSP) well in advance of harvest or any CCOF inspections you’ve scheduled to ensure your organic certification reflects all your current crops and growing locations, as well as any brands you pack into.

  • To notify CCOF of new crops planted at any certified organic parcel listed on your CCOF Client Profile: Complete and submit a Crop Update form
  • To add a new parcel or growing location to your certification: Submit your add acreage application as soon as you begin managing the parcel organically. CCOF must review add acreage applications before including the parcel in an inspection. Add acreage applications completed and submitted early in the three-year transition receive a reduced fee. See our Add Acreage Instructions for more details and options for when you have a short timeline.
  • To transfer a certified organic parcel from another CCOF certified operation to your CCOF certification: Submit a Parcel Transfer Application within one month of the date of management transfer. Inspection is generally not required before approval for complete and timely parcel transfers. 

•    To add brands you pack into to your CCOF Client Profile: Send labels and any updated OSP forms. This includes any brands you pack into that are owned by other companies. See our FAQ and Organic Labeling Guidelines for more information.

Send all updates to; by mail to 2155 Delaware Avenue, Suite 150, Santa Cruz, CA 95060; or by fax to (831) 423-4528.

We are here to help! If you are unsure what information is needed or have any certification questions, contact your Certification Service Specialist.