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Call to Action: Attend State Listening Session on Defining Regenerative Agriculture, December 6

by Jane Sooby |


The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), in collaboration with the State Board of Food and Agriculture, will be hosting the first of five public listening sessions on December 6, 2023, via Zoom to receive comments that will help define “regenerative agriculture” for state policies and programs.

CCOF encourages our members to participate in the December 6 listening session to remind the state that organic agriculture is regenerative agriculture and that the state’s definition must build on organic agriculture and focus on cultivating soil health as a foundational element.

The public listening session on defining regenerative agriculture for state policies and programs will be held Wednesday, December 6, at noon. Join the webinar online.

Read more information about the process the state is going through to define “regenerative agriculture” on the CDFA website

The public listening sessions will help to inform the State Board’s process and will provide recommendations on a definition of “regenerative agriculture.” Updates on the public listening sessions and the process for defining “regenerative agriculture” are available at


Text adapted from a CDFA news release dated November 16, 2023.