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Call Your Reps by June 26 to Protect Investments in Resilient Food & Farming Infrastructure

by Jessica Gonzales |

Find your representatives here.

The Senate and Assembly are negotiating a multibillion-dollar climate resilience bond. In the coming days, they must work together to develop a bond proposal that includes investments in resilient food and farming infrastructure. For the bond measure to appear on voters’ ballots this November, the legislature must pass a climate bond that Governor Newsom approves by June 27th.

CCOF has been leading a campaign with the Food and Farm Resilience Coalition to pass AB 408, a climate resilience bond that invests in infrastructure that will help the state fight climate change, protect farmworker communities, and strengthen our local and regional food supply chains.

Thanks to the leadership of Assemblymember Lori Wilson, our coalition of over 17 food and farming groups is close to achieving success.

Our food and farming system impacts all Californians. COVID-19 revealed the vulnerability of our food system and the ongoing threat climate change poses to our food supply. Farmers across California are already facing extreme climate impacts, like crop losses, and some are even going out of business due to wildfires, droughts, and floods. AB 408 is about making farmers, farmworkers, and all Californians more resilient to these climate impacts.

We call on the CA Legislature and Governor Newsom to pass a climate bond that includes investments in a healthy and climate-resilient food and farming system.

A resilient food and farming climate bond must include investments in:

  • Climate-smart farming practices such as transitioning to organic, improving soil health, and water conservation
  • Farmworker housing and weatherization
  • Year-round farmers markets, mobile markets and community gardens
  • Upgraded school kitchens
  • New local food processing and distribution facilities

Act Now!  

Tell your legislator CA’s Climate Bond must include investments in resilient food & farming infrastructure. You can find your representatives by clicking here.

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