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CCOF Welcomes Food Innovators Bare Sprouts and 12 Tides!

by Allison Stafford |
Sprouts in a bowl

The CCOF family is ever-growing and we are extremely proud of our organic farmers and producers working to make the world a better place! Each new member brings CCOF closer to its mission to make organic the norm. 

We would like to highlight a couple of newly certified organic operations who have joined the CCOF family, Bare Sprouts and 12 Tides. As mission-driven operations, these young companies are creating positive change through what we eat. 

We look forward to years of partnership and success with each!

Bare Sprouts

Bare Sprouts is an indoor sprout farm located in Tempe, Arizona, the only organic sprout grower in the state! Their mission statement describes them best: “We exist to inspire communities to a healthy living by delivering fresh, crisp, and nutrient packed organic sprouts at every harvest while promoting a sustainable vision of the future of urban agriculture.”  

Plagued by medical issues in his college years, co-founder Brennan Ursu was inspired to pursue greater health through food and found some remarkable solutions. Broccoli sprouts, the backbone of their operation, are one of the healthiest and most studied superfood on the planet with incredible anti-aging properties that are unparalleled. Bare Sprouts implement advanced technology to grow the most delicious, safest, and environmentally friendly sprouts they can. 

Learn more about new CCOF member Bare Sprouts on their website.

Growing Drum and Certified       Organic_0

Bare Sprouts co-founder & CEO Brennan Ursu showing CCOF some love

12 Tides

San Francisco, California based 12 Tides makes tasty, ocean-friendly snacks with kelp from regenerative ocean farms. Their puffed seaweed chips were created with an award-winning chef to bring a satisfying crunch and umami-centric flavors to everyday snacking. Driven by a love of the ocean and conservation, 12 Tides Founder Pat Schnettler outlines that, as they grow, 12 Tides plans to: 

  • Champion regenerative ocean foods and support regenerative farmers
  • Support ocean restoration and conservation causes, including kelp reforestation in California with our friends at SeaTrees, and raise awareness of the impacts of food and lifestyle choices on the oceans 
  • Invest in sustainable packaging solutions to address the growing plastic pollution affecting our oceans 

12 Tides has a mission “To reimagine our relationship with oceans through tasty, regenerative ocean snacks” and a vision for “A world with healthy, thriving oceans that support biodiverse marine life, are free of plastic pollution, and are part of a regenerative food system.” 

Learn more about new CCOF member 12 Tides on their website.

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