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CDFA Releases Proposed Rule for Comparable-to-Organic Cannabis Program

by Noah Lakritz |

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) released proposed regulations for the OCal program. The OCal program will be a statewide certification program to certify cannabis under a program based on the National Organic Program (NOP). Currently, federal laws prevent the certification of cannabis under the NOP and the labeling of cannabis as organic. 

CDFA is seeking public comments on the proposed regulations until July 7, 2020. Read the proposed regulations and submit a comment. The CCOF Policy team is developing detailed comments on the proposed rule. We will urge CDFA to closely align the program with NOP standards. 

We encourage all interested members to submit comments to CDFA in support of an OCal program that closely aligns with the NOP. Please contact me at for more information.