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Change to Review of Equipment Cleaners/Sanitizers and Facility Pest Control Materials

by kta |

CCOF is streamlining our approach to materials that do not contact organic products in processing/handling facilities. This includes equipment cleaners, equipment sanitizers, and facility pest control materials reviewed by CCOF, the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), or WSDA. CCOF will no longer add specific brand names for equipment cleaners, equipment sanitizers, and facility pest control materials to your Organic System Plan (OSP) Materials List. All specific brand-name materials will be replaced by general material listings that reflect the active ingredients, such as chlorine materials, quaternary ammonium sanitizers, boric acid (facility pest control), diatomaceous earth (facility pest control), and more.

How will this change occur? Around October 3, 2022, we will update your OSP Materials List to replace all specific brand-name equipment cleaners/sanitizers and facility pest control materials with general listings, with “Generic” as the manufacturer. We will do the work; there is no action for you to take except to continue to follow the restrictions listed on your OSP Materials List. This change will save time for you and CCOF while still fully upholding organic integrity.

Inspectors will continue to verify labels for specific brand-name materials during inspections to ensure that the accurate general materials are included on your OSP Materials List. 

When you would like to switch to a different type of equipment cleaner/sanitizer or facility pest control materials (e.g., to switch from chlorine to peracetic acid for equipment sanitation), continue to notify us in advance. You can notify CCOF in any of the following three ways:

  1. Use MYCCOF Materials Search to request use of the new general type of material (look for “Generic” as the manufacturer), or
  2. submit a completed Handler Materials Application form, or
  3. send an email to explaining the planned change.

If you are unsure which general material category your new equipment cleaning/sanitation or pest control material falls under, send us the label and we will determine which category applies.

Please note that there is no change for non-organic materials that do make contact with organic products or are used as ingredients or processing aids in organic products. These will continue to be specifically listed on your OSP Materials List, including brand name and manufacturer. These materials include salt, processing aids, non-organic flavors, wash water additives, fruit coatings, and more.