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Document Scanning Gives You Better Access

by Jon Knapp |

CCOF is scanning all client files and eliminating our use of paper records. Our client files equate to a length of more than two football fields and almost three quarters of a million pages! The move to electronic files will present challenges for CCOF and our inspectors but will significantly reduce our use of paper and provide new opportunities for better service. We began scanning and uploading all incoming letters and OSP updates from clients in early May. These materials are now available to you and inspectors as a real-time record in the “Files” area of MyCCOF, allowing your inspector to see items you’ve recently submitted while maintaining an ongoing record of your updates and submissions to CCOF. Your inspection reports, letters, and other documents are already available in MyCCOF. As we scan the remaining parts of your files we hope to provide new ways for you to access them.