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Driscoll’s and Think Beyond Plastics Team Up on Improved Packaging

by Shawna Rodgers |


CCOF Foundation Visionary supporter Driscoll’s recently announced new partners to advance their sustainability goals pertaining to field plastic. Driscoll’s announced the launch of their Agricultural Plastics Innovation Challenge, an initiative that aims to stimulate new recycling processes and the development of alternatives to commonly used field plastics. 

Think Beyond Plastic works to support businesses to achieve the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. The 17 goals support one another, often addressing both food access and environmental health issues. This initiative will bring awareness to the intersectionality between regional food supplies, healthy soils, climate goals, thriving economies, and the health of communities.

CCOF envisions a world where organic is the norm, in part because organic is proven to enhance air, soil, and water quality. Even once our rivers are free from pesticide runoff, it will still be imperative that leaders in agricultural production also think about plastics pollution. In a world where our food systems exist in harmony with nature, we cannot work against ourselves by neglecting to remove pollutants at every level. 

Scott Komar, Driscoll’s senior vice president of global research and development, speaks of the announcement: “The Agricultural Plastics Innovation Challenge will support the entire industry in discovering scalable and economically viable solutions to improve the usage and recyclability of agricultural plastics.” Learn more about the new program or apply for support from Think Beyond Plastic to pilot your solutions in a commercial environment at the AndNowUKnow blog

The CCOF Foundation thanks Driscoll’s for its continued support of our organic education and grantmaking programs.