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Educational SOE Resources for Uncertified Operations

by kta |

As the organic community prepares for the March 19, 2024, implementation deadline of the Strengthening Organic Enforcement Rule (SOE), CCOF has created educational resources for affected operations. Bookmark this newsletter so you can keep these resources handy!

Strengthening Organic Enforcement Videos 

Uncertified operations can now watch our Strengthening Organic Enforcement video series to learn what SOE really means for them and understand what steps they need to take to remain in compliance. These videos speak to a large range of operation types like brokers, importers, exporters, brand owners, storage facilities, and more! CCOF’s Strengthening Organic Enforcement videos are available in both Spanish and English.

Strengthening Organic Enforcement Flyer

CCOF has also developed an easy-to-share SOE flyer that captures key components for uncertified operations and some of the many benefits of certification. This flyer is a great complement to our Exempt Handler Affidavit (EHA) and Organic Certification Self-Assessment. We encourage you to send these forms, available in both Spanish and English, to uncertified operations in your supply chain as soon as possible.

Learn More and Act Today 

Ensuring uncertified operations comply with SOE ASAP will allow your business to smoothly continue after March 19, 2024. CCOF is offering discounts to affected operations to support the organic community through these changes. Uncertified operations can contact or call (831) 423-2263 ext. 1 to learn more.

More To Come!

Specialized resources for certified operations are also on their way! Keep an eye out for more announcements just like this. CCOF is here to support you during this busy time and we are working hard to ensure you have all you need to understand the new SOE rule.