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Fee and Process Improvements for Farms Adding New Parcels

by Jen Rojas |

CCOF maintains low, competitive annual certification fees by charging modest administrative fees for additional services such as adding or transferring parcels.  

We are implementing process and fee improvements for clients adding new parcels, effective January 1, 2022. See our Add Acreage Instructions for full details.

  • The add acreage fee will be streamlined to a base fee of $125 per new parcel to align with all other additional service fees and allow clients to better project certification expenses. 
  • Add acreages must be submitted to and reviewed by the CCOF office before it can be included in an inspection. This allows us to better serve clients by more easily scheduling cost-effective inspection trips and by minimizing unexpected additional inspection costs. 
  • Based on requests, and to provide a cost-effective option when clients need to include new parcels in upcoming inspections, add acreage applications are now eligible for our 2- or 5-day Rush Review service. Note: Rush Review service provides fast review of the application only; inspection and certification decisions follow our normal timelines. Our Expedited service continues to be available if you have a short certification time frame.
  • NEW: Operations submitting complete add acreage applications during year one or year two of the parcel’s three-year transition will receive a reduced fee of $75. Submitting new parcels early can significantly reduce your costs and give you the added assurance of CCOF Certified Transitional certification for eligible parcels.*


You still have the option of making a parcel transfer between two CCOF-certified operations, which will have a modest fee increase to $200. As always, inspection is generally not required before approval for complete parcel transfer requests submitted within one month of the date of transfer.

All current fees can be found in the CCOF Certification Services Program Manual.

* OCal parcels are not eligible for transitional certification at this time.