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Free Hedgerow Plants and On-Farm Conservation Consultations for California Growers

by Guest Blogger |

Are you interested in planting hedgerows of native plants on you farm, but aren’t quite sure how to get started? The National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) is currently offering free consultations and free plants to California farmers interested in planting hedgerows on their land. 

Whether you are looking to provide habitat for beneficial insects such as pollinators, predators, and parasites, establish a windbreak, or plant a vegetative buffer at the edge of your property, NCAT can help you select the most appropriate plants for your hedgerow and give you tips on hedgerow planting and maintenance through both phone and on-site consultations. NCAT can also provide free plants—mostly native perennials—for your hedgerow project. Interested growers should be prepared to provide irrigation (drip works fine) for the first two to three years to get the plants established. However, in most locations, once established, they won’t require irrigation.

To learn more about this offer or to order plants, contact Rex Dufour at (530) 792-7338, or email by November 6, 2020. 


This article was written by Rex Dufour. 

About the Author: Rex Dufour serves as the California regional director for the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT). Dufour’s work focus and background are in teaching and learning about ecological pest management and ecologically-based soil management. Dufour believes that growers should view the use of hedgerows, compost, cover crops, crop rotation, and other practices supporting soil and ecological function as an investment in their soils and their farm’s ecology, the same way they invest in farm equipment, buildings, and training farm personnel.