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Get Social Media Marketing Tips from Hannah Muller of Full Belly Farm

by Meaghan Donovan |

Join the CCOF Foundation and Hannah Muller from Full Belly Farm on May 19 for a webinar that delves into social media marketing for farms selling directly to consumers. 

Use social media platforms to grow your business! This webinar will review key considerations for developing a social media plan, such as how and what to post to target specific audiences, how to create hashtags that help increase your outreach, and how to turn followers into consumers.

Muller will explain why social media is an important tool to use to tell the story of your farm and brand. She will show-and-tell what has worked best for Full Belly Farm and how they have used Facebook and Instagram to stay connected to their customer base. Muller will share how Full Belly Farm generates new followers and how they turn those followers into Full Belly Farm product consumers. Learn all about posting strategies, which platforms are the most beneficial to use as a farmer, and how to create a cohesive cross-platform brand that will help expand your business.  

In the final segment of the webinar, CCOF certification staff will highlight best practices for organic labeling on websites and social media to ensure that your social media marketing aligns with organic standards.

For more information and to register visit the CCOF website.