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Globetrotter Foundation’s #NoRegrets Initiative Newest CCOF Foundation Visionary Donor

by Shawna Rodgers |
Picture taken by Liz Birnbaum

A question that drives Paicines Ranch’s Globetrotter Foundation and its #NoRegrets Initiative is “What will we tell our grandchildren?” Much in the same way an apple tree, with proper care and attention, can produce fruit season after season, we humans can support the health and sustainability of our own descendants for generations to come. Success requires respect for the laws of nature, attention to detail, and a commitment to protecting our environment through organic and regenerative farming practices. 

The Globetrotter Foundation and CCOF share common values: protection of the thriving diversity of our ecosystems and a food system that is equitable, grounded in soil health, and good for the planet and all its inhabitants. With support from the Globetrotter Foundation, we’ve entered 2022 ready to further our mission of advancing organic agriculture for a healthy world and creating a world where organic is the norm. On behalf of our team and the organic farmers and processors we serve, we thank the Globetrotter Foundation and the #NoRegrets Initiative for joining as a Visionary-level supporter of the CCOF Foundation’s Organic Transition Grant. 

Get involved! Email us at or read more about the program on our website.