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Grimmway’s Jeff Huckaby Named OTA Farmer of the Year

by Jane Sooby |

Jeff Huckaby, president of CCOF-certified Grimmway Farms and Cal-Organic Farms, has received the Organic Trade Association’s prestigious Farmer of the Year award for 2020.

Huckaby is a fourth generation farmer who discovered a passion for growing organic carrots over 20 years ago when he first started experimenting with organic practices. He has since led the expansion of Grimmway and Cal-Organic’s organic production to more than 45,000 acres of certified organic vegetables in five states. He is a leader in organic marketing as well, convincing Costco to stock only organic carrots in their stores and ensuring a consistent supply.

Huckaby has been a key source of organic information for produce buyers and retailers, leading on-farm tours that teach them to understand and value organic products.

“Last year, I left a farm dinner and tour at Cal-Organic feeling optimistic for a world where organic is the norm. With a handful of soil, Jeff explained how Cal-Organic scaled up its organic production while maintaining their values and commitment to integrity. In true organic farmer fashion, Jeff told the tour participants that a deep, unrelentless focus on soil health has been the key to their success,” said CCOF CEO Kelly Damewood.