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Improved Services for Handlers/Processors—Certification Service Specialists

by Jen Rojas |

We have increased the number of Handler/Processor Certification Service Specialists (CSSs) to ensure that we can best meet the needs of our certified members. To see if your CSS has changed, log in to MyCCOF and view your service representative’s contact information on the Dashboard tab.
Your CSS can help with
–    general questions about certification, CCOF policies, forms,, time lines, processes, understanding your Compliance Report, and more; and
–    directing your question to the best person. For questions about a specific submission or inspection review, your CSS may direct your question to the Certification Specialist responsible for the review.

If you need an update approved, email it to, not your CSS. Emailing ensures that your update will be reviewed as quickly as possible. 
Check out our Contact Us page to see the best person to contact with your question. Be sure to review our FAQs. Note that your CSS may change over time, or you may be assigned a temporary alternate CSS if one of our staff is on leave.

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