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Meet Makshya Tolbert & Get Involved with the Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund

by Josaphine Stevenson |

Organic farming is a trade and lifestyle that naturally lends itself to storytelling. Makshya Tolbert first found that to be true as an undergrad, studying the intersection of nature poetry and black history and wanting to write poems that expressed the intimacy between the two. Tolbert began learning to grow food on campus farms and gardens and felt empowered to write about her experiences. She was eager to fill the gap of women of color farmers, striving to reassert our multidimensional roles across the environment. Since then, Tolbert has met black farmers, ranchers, beekeepers, and thru-hikers, all of whom are everyday manifestations of what it means to tend closely to the land. Finally, farming has taught her to love working with her hands. 

What began with organic farming at Stanford has evolved into seeing herself as a cook and potter who feels most empowered when her hands are wedging, blending, kneading, and carving. Beyond her months as an apprentice, Tolbert is planning to continue crafting a career that integrates her passions for storytelling and farming with her emerging work with food and clay.

Congratulations Makshya!

Please join us in congratulating the recipients of the CCOF Foundation’s Future Organic Farmer Grants.