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Meet Zenaida and Hector, Driscoll’s Harvesters

by Shawna Rodgers |

Longtime CCOF Foundation Visionary-level donor Driscoll’s is headquartered in Watsonville, California. Driscoll’s employs farm professionals from all over the world. Those based in Watsonville, like Zenaida and Hector, spend their days growing berries.

Zenaida and Hector tell their story through Driscoll’s YouTube channel, where they share a typical day in the field. Motivated by economic opportunity for their children and Zenaida’s parents, who reside in Mexico, Zenaida discusses the duality of her career. She also describes the calm, peace, and sense of working in harmony with nature that she achieves through her work in organic agriculture.

We invite you to follow Hector and Zenaida through their workday and learn more about what it takes to grow organic berries.

CCOF Foundation Visionary donor Driscoll’s is helping consumers learn more about the professionals behind the brand’s berries. While a short video is only a glimpse into farmers’ lives, it can serve as the beginning of an important conversation about the opportunities that organic agriculture brings to farmers and farmworker communities.  

Join Driscoll’s in supporting the CCOF Foundation and donate today.