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New and Revised Handler/Processor Organic System Plan (OSP) Forms

CCOF has updated multiple handler and processor Organic System Plan (OSP) forms. We encourage all CCOF-certified handlers and processors to use the new forms to streamline inspections and OSP updates. Here are a few highlights:

  • NEW Handler OSP Update Guide. Use this form to determine what you need to update when something is changing within your operation. Following this guide will help you submit all required information and may get your update approved more quickly.
  • NEW H2.5 Brokered Products and NEW H2.6 Broker Suppliers OSP forms. Tailored to operations who broker, trade, wholesale, distribute, or import, these forms better describe your activities and simplify supplier updates.
    • All CCOF-certified brokers, traders, wholesalers, distributors, and importers must submit an updated supplier list to CCOF quarterly, at a minimum. We are also happy to review any new supplier at any time
    •  If you submit more than 25 new suppliers for review at one time, CCOF will charge a $100 flat rate administrative fee for review. There is no charge for reviewing 25 or fewer suppliers at one time. Fees to add new products to the OSP may also apply if the CCOF Client Profile is updated. See the CCOF Certification Services Program Manual for more details.
  • Uncertified Handler Affidavit (UHA). This form has been reformatted to clearly outline documentation essential for traceability of products purchased from uncertified suppliers, including imported products.
  • H2.0A Ingredient Suppliers, H2.0B Product Formulation Sheet, and Product Application. These Excel OSP versions now have a cover sheet with examples showing how to complete the forms.