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New Course: Keep It Organic When Handling and Processing

by kta |

Certified operations play a vital role at every step along the organic supply chain. The organic integrity of the products they produce, handle, or process depends on how they carry out their respective roles.

The National Organic Program (NOP) recently published a new course in the Organic Integrity Learning Center on how handlers and processors should maintain a product’s organic status. The Keep It Organic When Handling and Processing course addresses key activities implemented by certified operations that handle, process, package, and store agricultural products. The course introduces elements of certification, including types of handling processes, product labeling categories and composition requirements, facility pest management, sanitation, and commingling risks and prevention.

With more handling operations seeking organic certification under the Strengthening Organic Enforcement (SOE) rule, this training is a critical part of our rule implementation activities to help businesses prepare for the March 2024 SOE compliance deadline. 

The course is also for individuals working in an organic certification role—including quality assurance, regulatory teams, certification staff, inspectors, or anyone engaging in handling activities—to comply with the USDA organic regulations.

Log in to use interactive media, including video recorded at actual organic operations, to build your knowledge and skills and apply course concepts to realistic scenarios.

Instructions to register for the Organic Integrity Learning Center are available online.