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Organic Input Material (OIM) Program Reviews Now Accepted

by Rachel Witte |

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) OIM program is a registration and approval program that requires fertilizers and other soil amendments marketed for use in organic agriculture to be registered with CDFA and reviewed for National Organic Program (NOP) compliance.                                                       

CCOF will now accept organic input materials that have been approved by the CDFA OIM program.                                     



Going forward, CCOF will generally approve materials that have achieved a CDFA listing for use by CCOF certified operations. This change reflects the NOP’s decision that the CDFA OIM program meets the criteria for a material review organization, as set forth in NOP Policy Memo 11-4, Evaluation of Materials Used in Organic Crop, Livestock and Handling Operations. CCOF growers will save time and experience less confusion through this expansion of the CCOF materials database. However, only those materials approved by CCOF based on CDFA review will be shown as such in the CCOF database and online MyCCOF: Materials Search. The entire CDFA list will not appear unless an individual material is recorded as CDFA approved.