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“Outer Banks” Star Chase Stokes is Stoked on Sweet Earth Foods

by Shawna Rodgers |
Chase-Stokes-Sweet Eaqrth

While organic farmers and producers may not have celebrity endorsements at the forefront of their minds during the coronavirus pandemic, consumers are listening closely to every word of their favorite actors, athletes, and artists they follow. More brands are joining forces with well-known and well-followed celebrities to endorse their organic products as good for the planet and the people on it. The Netflix original series “Outer Banks” became a sensation after its initial release during the early days of shelter-in-place ordinances throughout the United States, and the star, teen heartthrob Chase Stokes, has recently gone public with his love of Sweet Earth Foods.

With more than 4.5 million followers on his Instagram page, Chase Stokes hosted a cookout from his home and broadcast the event live from his personal account @hichasestokes. The trend of celebrity endorsements won’t soon leave the organic and natural food industry, as more athletes, actors, and other recognizable faces either partner with brands like Sweet Earth or simply launch their own organic products altogether. While some may scoff at the idea of merging social media and organic products, 4.5 million viewers represents a substantial reach for educating consumers about organic– an area that can fall to the back burner when disruptions in the supply chain create pressing problems that must be prioritized.. Founded by Monterey Bay area locals Brian and Kelly Swette, Sweet Earth has had a loyal following since its launch in 2011. After the coronavirus pandemic led to erratic consumer buying trends in March and April, Sweet Earth gained new customers who sought plant-based options  for feeding their families  conveniently.  The frozen offerings of Sweet Earth Foods drew in a new group of consumers previously unexposed to their products. As consumers continue to demand organic products to ensure the health and well-being of their families, we may see more celebrity endorsements like this one in years to come. 

Sweet Earth Foods has been a longtime supporter of the CCOF Foundation’s programs, most recently becoming a Champion-level contributor to our Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund  that supports  education, training, and assistance for new and established organic farmers and producers.