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Represent Organic on the California Cattle Council

by Noah Lakritz |

On January 1, 2019, Senate Bill 965 created the California Cattle Council. The new council will be a representative organization comprised of members of the cattle and dairy industries. It will work on projects such as research, promotion, cooperation with agencies and industry groups, and the development of best management practices. Potential research projects relevant to organic producers include the improvement of efficiency and sustainability of the industry, regulatory compliance, and market research concerning public consumption patterns and trends. 

As the organic markets for dairy and beef continue to grow, producers are facing both opportunities and challenges that are unique to their production practices and the organic market. Given this, it is important that organic producers have a seat at the table in statewide industry discussions. 

The board of directors will be comprised of three cattle feeders, three range cattle producers, three dairy producers, one processor, and one public member. One alternate member will serve on the board for each primary member. Cattle Council Law requires that the council represents the diversity of producers across California, giving organic producers, small producers, and minorities producers an equal opportunity to participate. 

Applications are due on May 22, 2019. To nominate yourself or another organic producer, fill out the council nomination form

For questions or to seek support from CCOF, contact the policy department at