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Revised Grower Organic System Plan (OSP) Forms

by Guest Blogger |

CCOF has updated multiple grower Organic System Plan (OSP) forms. We encourage all CCOF-certified growers to use the new forms to streamline inspections and OSP updates. Here are a few highlights:

•    The Affidavit of Land History in the Parcel Application form has been updated to indicate clearly the “who, what, and when” for documentation needed to certify new land. Also see our Add Acreage Instructions for more information on adding additional acreage to your certification. 
•    G3.0 has been updated to facilitate better evaluation of compliance with commercial availability requirements for seed and planting stock. Our Organic Seed and Planting Stock Regulations and Resources document contains a list of known organic suppliers to help you get started on your search.
•    G4.0 has been updated to better capture your plans for compliance with the crop rotation requirement, including how you introduce biodiversity in lieu of crop rotation if you grow perennial crops. We encourage farms in the United States to check out the technical and financial assistance opportunities offered by the National Resources Conservation Service for help with practices such as rotation and cover cropping!
•    G7.0 has been updated to simplify the process of adding a new label to your OSP. Be sure to review our Organic Labeling Guidelines if you are designing organic labels. 
•    G8.0 now contains a helpful reference chart to understand what types of records may be required for your operation. CCOF also offers sample recordkeeping forms and other recordkeeping tools.