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Take Action to Support Origin of Livestock Rulemaking

by Noah Lakritz |

Now is the time to support the implementation of the long-overdue Origin of Livestock proposed rule. The rule would ensure clear and enforceable requirements for the sourcing of organic dairy herds by requiring new dairy animals to be managed organically from at least the last third of gestation. The organic community has advocated for this rule for many years. Inconsistent interpretation of the current rule has put some farmers at a disadvantage in an already struggling industry. On October 1, 2019, the USDA reopened the rule’s public comment period. Organic farmers, industry stakeholders, and organic advocates have until December 2 to comment on the rule. 

The organic community must come together with a unified voice to support organic dairy producers by demanding the implementation of the long-awaited rule. According to the Organic Trade Association, USDA needs to hear from organic dairy farmers that have entered the market since 2015, when the proposed rule was initially issued. 

How to Submit Your Comment

The Organic Trade Association has provided an easy, step-by-step guide to submitting unique public comments. Take action and submit your comment today.

If you have questions about the proposed rule or would like help with submitting a comment, contact the CCOF Policy Team at

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