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Tanimura & Antle Acquires Green City Growers

by Shawna Rodgers |

CCOF Foundation supporter Tanimura & Antle recently announced the exciting acquisition of Green City Growers, a Certified B Corp corporation aimed at providing customers with the tools, infrastructure, and education necessary to grow organic produce at home. Despite the geographic distance between the two companies’ headquarters in Salinas, California and Boston, Massachusetts, Tanimura & Antle and Green City Growers couldn’t be closer in their shared values.

Both Tanimura & Antle and Green City Growers alike seek to educate communities on the origins of their food. In 2020, the organic industry saw an increase beyond projections of interest in organic agriculture as more people began asking whether their food would benefit their immune systems. Along with an increase in organic sales and interest in 2020, the United States also saw more extreme inequalities in food access, education, and nutrition. Through their partnership, both companies aim to serve families, individuals, and communities that may not otherwise have access to connect with their food. What’s more, these communities will be provided with a supplemental source of nutritious food in areas otherwise devoid of healthy options.

Scott Grabau, president and CEO of Tanimura & Antle (and a longtime CCOF Foundation supporter), spoke of the partnership in a recent Perishable News article, stating, “Our investment in Green City Growers is our next level of engagement to continue our efforts to impact the lives of all…By reaching children, charitable organizations, corporations, wellness and community outreach programs, we can have a strong impact on promoting a healthy lifestyle.” Grabau’s comments echo the sentiments of many CCOF Foundation grantees who state that the funding provided to them through the Future Organic Farmer program, the Bricmont Hardship Assistance FUnd, or the Organic Transitions program not only helped them as individuals but also helped their communities. High school students studying organic agriculture come home to share what they’ve learned with their parents. A single half-acre vegetable garden in a food deserts can feed many families in a community. The actions of one individual farmer transitioning to organic in an otherwise conventional rural community can inspire others to follow suit. Many are missing only one key element to becoming organic eaters or growers: resources.

Through this new partnership, CCOF Foundation supporter Tanimura & Antle continues its mission to make organic accessible to all. We are grateful for the years of support from Tanimura & Antle and look forward to seeing the impacts of this partnership in our communities. To learn more about Green City Growers, check out Perishable News.