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Unlock Sustainable Business Wisdom: Join CCOF and Maisie Ganzler for a Book Talk at University of California, Santa Cruz

by Jenefer Rojas |

CCOF is happy to join hands with the University of California, Santa Cruz, by sponsoring an evening with Maisie Ganzler at the Cowell Ranch Hay Barn. Ganzler is a strategic advisor for Bon Appétit Management Company and a newly published author with loads of expertise in sustainable supply chains.

Ganzler’s newly released book is titled You Can’t Market Manure at Lunchtime: Five Invaluable Lessons for Doing Sustainability Right, Doing It Profitably, and Getting the Credit You Deserve, and gives us an insight into the truth of sustainable business practices.

The title of Ganzler’s book may sound whimsical, but its message is serious and genuine: achieving sustainability requires strategic timing and placement of efforts. Many businesses struggle to navigate sustainability while maintaining profitability. Ganzler, drawing from her extensive experience leading a $1.7 billion corporation towards sustainability, offers practical insights on integrating sustainability into business practices.

Her lessons, gleaned from decades of successes and setbacks, span industries and touch upon the challenges and rewards of sustainable business practices. The event will be an exciting time to draw from her firsthand experience and ask questions answered about sustainability in general or how it may relate to your business or farming.

At CCOF, our dedication is unwavering as we strive to make organic farming the norm within the farming industry. Our commitment stems from the profound belief that organic practices represent a sustainable approach to land stewardship and sustainable agricultural business practices.

So join us as Ganzler shares tales from pig farms and boardrooms, factories and farmers’ markets, illustrating not only how to operate sustainably but also how to garner recognition for those efforts. Regardless of your industry, Ganzler’s firsthand experiences in the food business will both inspire and educate you, shedding light on the path toward successful sustainability initiatives.

Doors open at 5:00 p.m., with the speaking engagement starting promptly at 5:30. Seating is limited, so arrive early. Light refreshments will be served. Following the talk, there will be a Q&A session and book signing (copies available for purchase).

This event is sponsored by the Center for Agroecology and CCOF.

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