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USDA Opens Applications for Organic Dairy Marketing Assistance Program (ODMAP)

by Laetitia Benador |

Organic cow, goat, and sheep dairy operations that have been hard-hit by unprecedented climate and supply chain challenges can now apply for hardship relief funding under the USDA’s new Organic Dairy Marketing Assistance Program (ODMAP)

Producers can apply for funding from May 24 to July 24, 2023, through the Farm Service Agency (FSA) by contacting your local USDA Service Center. Funding will be provided on a rolling basis as applications are received. 

The following documentation is required to apply:

  1. Certification of pounds of milk production in hundredweight by month for 2022.
  2. Proof of organic certification.
  3. An application form (Form FSA 630).

To obtain forms and guidance, contact your local USDA Service Center. 

The ODMAP payment will be calculated by using the producer’s self-certified pounds multiplied by $1.10 per hundredweight (cwt) for up to 5 million pounds of organic milk per operation. We expect FSA will first issue 75 percent of the total payment ($0.825 per cwt) and will potentially issue the remaining 25 percent of the payment if funds remain after the initial application period.

CCOF is grateful for Congressman Huffman’s leadership in Congress, which was instrumental in securing funding for the relief program, and for USDA’s collaboration and willingness to work through many challenges to create the first-ever organic-specific commodity relief program. 

CCOF also thanks our members and partners who came together to find solutions through the Organic Trade Association’s (OTA) Organic Feedstuff Trade Relief Task Force. Over the last year, the organic dairy industry tirelessly advocated to Congress and USDA to address the urgent needs of organic dairy producers.

CCOF is committed to continuing to build solutions to the ongoing challenges facing the organic livestock sector. In February, the CCOF Foundation, in partnership with the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), awarded $405,000 in emergency funds to financially distressed organic dairies in California. For future funding opportunities, check the CCOF Foundation’s website. Please reach out to Laetitia Benador at with any questions or comments related to ODMAP and the dairy crisis.