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Webinar for Processors on the FSMA Preventive Controls Rule Fully Covered Category

by Meaghan Donovan |

Does your business fall into the fully covered category of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Preventive Controls for Human Food Rule? If so, join the CCOF Foundation in November for the third webinar in our FSMA 101 for Organic Processors series, where we will go over the requirements for a fully covered facility, review required training, and walk through the process for registering with FDA.

Your food business must fully comply with the FSMA Preventive Controls Rule if 

–    your business conducts activities that are not considered “low risk” processing to meet the farm mixed-type facility exemption; or

–    your business grosses more than $1 million in annual sales, adjusted for inflation.

During this webinar, we will cover the requirements for a fully covered food processing facility under the FSMA Preventive Controls Rule, including required documents for the food safety plan, the hazard analysis process, and different types of preventive controls required for various identified hazards. 

The majority of the content in this series applies to food processors across the United States. A small fraction of the content will address state-specific food safety. Processors based in California and Washington state have the opportunity to join a webinar with food safety experts knowledgeable about their state’s specific food safety regulations. 

Those interested in the Washington-focused webinar can register for our November 9 webinar on the Washington webinar registration page.

Those interested in the California-focused webinar can register for our November 10 webinar on the California webinar registration page.

Food processors based in other states are encouraged to join any webinar. 

For more information on the entire webinar series or to view recordings of past webinars, visit the CCOF website. And if you aren’t quite sure what FMSA compliance category your food business falls into, watch our FMSA 101 for Organic Food Processors webinar for a review of the different compliance categories.